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  • Window Hardware Company

    Finding an Authorized Truth Window Hardware Distributor

    If you’re looking for a Truth window hardware distributor in Ontario, Window Hardware Company is the authorized source. We stock over 10,000 parts in our inventory - from casement window parts, to awning window parts, to patio door hardware, all of them 100% guaranteed.

    We stock genuine AmesburyTruth™ products so you can be sure of quality and reliability. At Window Hardware Company, you can purchase in Canadian funds, and eliminate cross border issues like brokerage fees and shipping fees. We also offer flexible minimum order quantities.

    When you work with Window Hardware Company, our knowledgeable staff will help you to find the exact part you need. More importantly, you’ll discover the difference with AmesburyTruth™ quality products. With most orders you can take advantage of our flat-fee shipping in Canada.

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    Awning Window Hardware

    Awning windows are typically hinged at the top, and open to the outside (outward). This allows for great ventilation even during a light rain storm. Awning windows are fitted with awning window hardware that makes for easy opening and closing.

    While awning windows are similar to casement windows, there’s also a difference. Casement windows are side-hinged and open outwards (left or right). Awning windows are top-hinged and made for openings where width is greater than height.

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    Casement Window Hardware Replacement Parts

    If you are in need of casement window hardware replacement parts, you will want to select products of the highest quality. Not everyone can afford new windows when something goes wrong, however, finding the right casement window hardware replacement parts might be all you need. Take your windows seriously. After all, windows are important as they serve many functions for your home, family and life, including safety, air quality and privacy.

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    Parts of a Window: Window Parts and Hardware

    The windows in your home open up the space and allow much needed light inside and can appear simple and straightforward but windows are actually a complex installation of different parts that work together to provide views while keeping the elements outside. Windows that are poorly installed with subpar quality parts will create more stress for you in terms of maintenance and increased home operational costs.

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    Buy Truth Window Casement Hardware in California

    If you are looking for an authorized distributor of Amesbury Truth Window Casement Hardware in California, Window Hardware Company is your go-to online store!  Window Hardware Company offers a wide selection of casement window replacement hinges, locks, and operators – all at competitive prices and shipped directly to you, whether you are located in Canada or the United States. All of the parts featured in our catalogue for both casement and awning windows have 100% Amesbury Truth quality.

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    Truth Window Crank Mechanism

    If your window is located in a difficult-to-reach place, for example over a kitchen sink, you may want to consider installing an easy to open crank window mechanism or operator using the Truth window crank or handle from Window Hardware Company. Cranked windows require minimal strength to be opened or closed. In addition, they don’t have sashes or rails resulting in a spectacular view of the outdoors without any obstructions.

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    Types of Truth Window Replacement Parts

    If you have owned your house for a few years, it may be time to think about Truth window replacement parts. When something goes wrong with your window – be it air or thermal leaks, fogged glass, water infiltration, or insect intrusion, buying a quality replacement part from an authorized distributor of Amesbury Truth products is the solution. After all, having a properly functioning window is crucial for your home safety and comfort.

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    Casement Window Parts Repair & Replacement

    Here we discuss a few of the common window parts that can easily be replaced to ensure your window can operate smoothly again. We will specifically focus on casement windows, which are right- or -left-handed depending on the side that opens.

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