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    Left Hand Awning Hinge Assembled 22

    Left Hand Awning Hinge Assembled 22"


    The 13 Series Awning Hinges are composed of E-Gard coated steel tracks and support arms with an acetal shoe including a stainless steel insert. The #13.16 is a 22" long hinge that is recommended for sash heights from 26"-34" weighing up to 50 lbs. (See page 2 of the product specification documentation)

    For additional assistance with installation or tips on choosing the right part, always refer to the product specifications documentation.

    USD $11.00

    This product is available in these variations:

    ModelHandSizePriceAdd to Cart

    USD $8.00

    USD $8.00"

    USD $9.00"

    USD $9.00"

    USD $10.00"

    USD $10.00"

    USD $11.00"

    USD $12.00"

    USD $12.00


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