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  • Window Accessories from Amesbury Truth Hardware

    Replacement Parts for Awning, Casement & Skylight Windows


    Amesbury Truth Window Accessories & Parts

    No home is complete without windows. However, many homeowners don’t spend a lot of time thinking about window repairs or replacement parts that may be necessary in the future. Finding a specific part or a piece of hardware can be exceptionally challenging. In order to make this process easier, Window Hardware Company has a comprehensive online inventory to help you search for even the most obscure window parts. Easily search through our catalogue to find your part or contact our friendly team for help finding the right accessory. In this blog post we will discuss some of the Amesbury Truth accessories and parts sold by Window Hardware Company. 


    A variety of window bracket systems are available through Window Hardware Company including EntryGard, awning-style brackets and non-handed clip and snap studs. 


    Window tracks are important for holding windows in place and reduce wind, cold and other weather from entering your home. Currently, tracks are available for casement and awning windows in stainless steel or aluminum. 


    Handles are essential for operating most windows and can easily become broken or damaged from use overtime. Window Hardware Company currently stocks common window handles such as long or folding models. We also have contour handles and tee handles and most of our models come in bronze, beige and white. Some models are available in nickel, aluminium or Coppertone. 


    Covers can help protect your handle from damage due to consistent use. Some of our handle models are sold as a handle and cover combination, such as the Encore Tango. Most other covers are sold separately and are available in a white finish. 

    Limit Devices

    Limit Devices are important for any windows that are above three stories or that may need to be restricted, such as a skylight. These devices are designed to limit the amount a window can open, which is important if you suspect high winds or weather could affect your window, a common concern with condo buildings. Currently, limit devices are available for right and left-handed casement windows. 


    Skylights can be difficult to operate, especially if you want to be able to open and close them regularly. Both electronic and mechanical opening devices are available through Window Hardware Company. 

    Sash Lifts

    Although sash lifts are predominately decorative, they add a beautiful finishing touch to most windows. We currently sell two different styles of sash lifts, both available in white. 

    Support Plates

    Support plates can provide much needed additional support for locking mechanisms on windows to ensure they are secure. Choose from standard or maximum support plates for single or multi-point locking systems. 

    At Window Hardware Company, we sell a variety of window parts and accessories to help you repair, replace or renovate your windows. Our expert team is experienced with top-of-the-line Amesbury Truth products and can help you find the part you are looking for in a finish and style that matches your home décor. For more information, contact us today at 905-856-7202.


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